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My picture Gallery

Here are some of my pictures. They are not very good, but I hope you will enjoy them.

Pict1: Baby Roy  [16 K.]
Pict2: Me and my big brother Jeffrey  [29 K.]
Pict3: Amongst my hard-won trophies  [41 K.]
Pict4: Marlboro Team Roberts Asia 1997  [37 K.]
Pict5: Team Roberts Asia 1997 Squad  [39 K.]
Pict6: Team Roberts on The Starting Line  [28 K.]
Pict7: Me with 'King' Kenny Roberts in KRTR  [29 K.]
Pict8: MRTA 1997 with Randy Mamola  [28 K.]
Pict9: See me in action  [33 K.]
Pict10: Practicing in KRTR  [15 & 21 K.]
Pict11: Another training session  [37 K.]
Pict12: Competing in MARRC 1997  [16 & 16 K.]
Pict13: On the starting line  [47 K.]
Pict14: With fans in Sentul Circuit, Indonesia  [17 K.]
Pict15: Keeping up my good shape  [15 & 10 K.]
Pict16: Under the blue Catalan sky  [16 & 14 K.]
Pict17: On Caltex Yamaha TZM 150  New  [33 K.]
Pict18: 16 is my magic number  New  [33 K.]
Pict19: Leading the pack on TZM 150  New  [33 K.]
Pict20: Leading the pack on F1Z 110  New  [45 K.]
Pict21: My first win  New  [43 K.]

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