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Hello! Welcome and thank you for your visit to my humble web site. In the following pages I will share my experiences as the first Indonesian rider who was very lucky to be selected to join the most prestigious team in Asia Road Racing Championship 1997, Marlboro Team Roberts Asia.

You will learn more about me and my racing career, as well as my training sessions at Kenny Roberts Training Ranch in Barcelona, on my Biography page.

In my picture gallery you can view my pictures. But let me remind you that I'm not photogenic at all and cameras make me nervous. I think I've made a bold decision to post some of my pictures on that page, so view them before I change my mind.

Although my web site is way too far from perfection, I encouraged myself to submit it to several award-giving programs. Thus far it has won some prestigious awards, and I'm very proud to post them on the Awards page.

And, while you are here, I will be very grateful if you could spare a couple of minutes to view and sign my Guestbook, so the other visitors will know that you've been here.

For you, a motorcycle racing enthusiast, I've gathered URL's of amazing web sites related to motorcycle racing that I found while surfing the net. Please check them on my Links page.

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Yours sincerely,
Roy Adrianto

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